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System Integrator

“Connecta: The Cloud System Integrator that harmonizes people, technology, and processes that accompany the evolution of businesses.”

Being a latest generation system integrator that places value on consultation and people, it’s one of the elements that differentiates Connecta from its competitors. These are the necessary characteristics to completely satisfy customer needs.

Today, successful businesses are looking for a partner capable of supporting them in daily competitions and in increasing their productivity in order to increase their profits. Technological innovation is one of the driving forces available which, if used well, leads to efficiency within the company and improves company revenue. Concrete examples of this can be provided by those who have already introduced within their organization solutions of Smart Working, the Cloud, and the new apps for CRM and Business Intelligence.

System integrator

The projects of system integration are aimed at the heterogeneous integration of company information systems. The design of the system architectures is developed with the aim of guaranteeing the best performance both in terms of responsiveness to events (EDA: Event Design Architecture) and in terms of orientation of services (SOA: Service Oriented Architecture).

With this is mind, Connecta has developed an elevated know-how and specific skills on EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) platforms, putting us in the position to offer our clients the best solution to meet their needs.

The commitment of our organisational unit extends beyond the integration of the applications to aim at the general rationalisation of the information systems, with interventions ranging from various fields. Such as the designing of the in-cloud infrastructural architectures, systematic administration, performance engineering, security management or application management.

Our software

A highly specialized solution for companies, which responds to the needs of automizing internal processes, even the more complex ones. It’s a tool that was created to favor the increase in automatic processes of data management and data sharing as well as the digital assets of the product.


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