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Software Engineering

We develop software that your application needs. We analyze the User Experience to make the software simple and intuitive, we design the elements of the User Interface so that it’s stylish to see and great to use. We write the codes using the best Microsoft technologies and our quality control department deals with debugging.

Custom-made Software specially for you

You will have at your disposal customized software tailor-made for you, within which to insert your company processes. This will allow you to drastically cut the time and energy spent, eliminating many manual and repetitive activities, based on your specific needs.

In addition to making the software more efficient, a personalized approach can compensate for a lack of solutions already available within the software market. Connecta takes over as developer and software consultants on the platforms, to satisfy and adapt to your company needs, modifying and adjusting the requested functionalities.

In addition, customized software makes the integration and communication with your pre-existing systems easier.

Our advantages

20 years of experience

Our strength is being able to understand our clients’ needs, recommending functional and innovative solutions, using the most advanced technologies, and always working with passion and proficiency to obtain the utmost from your idea and transform it into a success.

Personal frameworks 

We have created a good logical architecture as the basis of the software, this means that being a private software, it proves to be more secure and with less risk from hacker attacks compared to our market competitors.

Customized quotes

Creating a specific project, a unique model just for you, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all quote, but we create and adapt a complete quote with no hidden costs based on your needs.

Reduced development times

Increased levels of security and reduced development times.
Our aim is to optimize the development phases, ensuring the best quality project in the shortest time possible.

Our Software

Unique in the world, the FIXITH.etc software allows you to automatically create calculation reports of anchorage devices, technical and illustrative reports and roof technical drawings within a short time-frame.

Skilledge is an online learning system made up of a group of technologies that aim to enrich the classic learning processes, offering students new tools for professional education.

It’s a system to register visitors that follow the regulatory standards of the management of security and company privacy. It’s incredibly simple and in just a few steps, it allows you to register guests, employees and visitors in a fast and secure way.

A highly specialized solution for companies, created to favor the increase in automatic processes of data management, even the more complex ones, and data sharing as well as the digital assets of the product.

Our clients

Over the years Connecta has shadowed and helped small, medium and big companies in many sectors. Our clients are our strength, the trust that they place on us, our team and our expertise are what helps us to grow and innovate every day.


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