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Building Automation

Manage your smart home with a simple touch, monitor your house whenever you want

Your world in a click

Connecta’s building automation system is a management system of domestic appliances via a personalized interface.

We create an operations diagram with the floor plan of your home, so that with a simple click, you can control in real time, even remotely, numerous functions such as the lights, opening doors or shutters, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), or security alarm systems, all in a fast and simple way – using the tablet that we provide.

Make an ecological choice, thanks to the management of the building automation system, you will never again forget to turn off the lights. It’s also possible to control the various current loads, thanks to the functions that allow you to monitor them based on energy saving and black-out prevention. 

The advantages of Building Automation

 Optimize consumption thanks to the programming tools of adjustable ambiences, you will save on energy and money.

Manage your environments comfortably, with just one click. Create your profile and personalize the way in which you live your home.

Control your house in real time via a simple and intuitive graphic to easily manage all of the home automation functions.


Make your life safer with security systems. Always keep an eye on your house even remotely. 

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