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ERMES – Cyber Security

“Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions
to make the web a safer place”

ERMES Intelligent Web Protection

Ermes is the first and only on-device solution that increases protection from web-based threats up to 14 times compared to other solutions, thanks to a dynamic approach based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

By analyzing every single web page, Ermes offers dynamic protection based, not only on the reputation of web pages, but also on their actual behaviour, defusing web attacks even before they occur, thus ensuring complete protection on both PC and Mobile

Software Features

Autonomy and total compatibility

Ermes operates autonomously from other corporate security systems. The technology is effective whatever the security architecture adopted by the organisation, preventing web attacks targeted at people.

Effortless simplicity

Ermes is easy to use, configure and manage. It provides protection for all employees while on the move.
The centralised dashboard allows monitoring of protection and configuration of all connected devices.

Intelligence and automation

Ermes updates automatically and in real time to allow continuous protection against even the latest cyber threats. This is possible thanks to its patented algorithms based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Switch to intelligent approach Hermes

The first technology that, thanks to artificial intelligence, offers a safer browsing experience by analysing connections
based on their behaviour, overcoming the limitations of traditional solutions.



The user’s privacy is fully safeguarded during all navigation. Personal and sensitive information such as credentials, interests, geolocation and habits are not exposed, stored or made available to third party services.


The user can enjoy secure surfing anywhere from both PC and mobile, without having to access the VPN. Browsing remains secure whether the user is surfing from a public or private network.


Significant savings of up to 21% in bandwidth and workload on corporate network equipment. Surfing is up to 4 times faster, boosting employee productivity.


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