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Digital skills 

The productive organisation of Connecta includes various skills:
1. Software Development
2. Marketing & Communication
3. System Integration
4. Growth Hacking
5. E-Commerce

Software Development

Software development projects are made according to the principles and methodologies of the agile software development paradigm, with particular reference to the logics and practices of Rational Unified Process (RUP).

This approach – capable of putting together the flexibility of the development process with the utmost methodological rigor – allows us to guarantee fast and adaptive responses to the clients’ needs, but to also work on more complex projects adhering effectively to an inter-organisational team of considerable dimensions.

We can provide the creation of on-demand applications, following the process every step of the way, but always assessing, with great attention, the possibility to effectuate verticalizations on an already existing platform, with particular attention to the world of Microsoft, within which the analysts and developers who work in Connecta have gained and developed remarkable expertise.

Marketing and Communication

Within the field of Marketing and Communication, Connecta is able to follow both the analysis and strategic planning phase, and that of operative development aimed at the creation of communication tools and activities, as well as the conclusive phase of finalized process to the monitoring of the results achieved.

This long-term approach, which starts at the careful consideration of the clients’ needs and ends with the verification of return on investment (ROI), allowing for the orientation of all the executive decisions in order to achieve the greatest value for the client.

System integrator

The projects of system integration are aimed at the heterogeneous integration of company information systems. 

The design of the system architectures is developed with the aim of guaranteeing the best performance both in terms of responsiveness to events (EDA: Event Design Architecture) and in terms of orientation of services (SOA: Service Oriented Architecture).

With this is mind, Connecta has developed an elevated know-how and specific skills on EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) platforms, putting us in the position to offer our clients the best solution to meet their needs..

The commitment of our organisational unit extends beyond the integration of the applications to aim at the general rationalisation of the information systems, with interventions ranging from various fields. Such as the designing of the in-cloud infrastructural architectures, systematic administration, performance engineering, security management or application management.

Growth Hacking

It’s a process to rapidly increase a company’s business. This method derives from the strategic merging of three macro sectors: digital marketing, data analysis and product development. The intersection of these three areas lead to the growth hacking of a business.

It’s a growing process, effective and experimental that is based on the analyses of many factors regarding a determined activity. Through product and service analysis, as well as an analysis of the average customer, it’s possible to hone to the maximum product or service demand which, undergoing a suitable strategy of digital marketing, converge in a rapid but sustainable business growth.

For start-ups and consolidated companies, growth hacking could bring benefits and substantial increases in business.


E-commerce allows every activity to improve its business and to increase web access thanks to the possibility of selling products directly to the customer. Connecta develops and optimizes E-commerce both B2B with new websites to link to a window-shop site, and B2C through pages to integrate in a pre-existing website structuring together with the client the best solution for their activity and their products.

We offer our clients personalized e-commerce solutions in order to increase every type of business through a careful analysis of interfaces and sales objectives. Thanks to our experts of User Experience and Web Design, we develop solutions based on the real needs of each one of our clients so as to enhance their products on sale, and increase demands and purchases.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the set of technologies, processes and practices created to protect computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from web attacks or unauthorised access. Cyber attacks are aimed at accessing, transforming or destroying sensitive information, as well as disrupting normal business processes and, above all, extorting money.

A key aspect of cyber security is certainly the protection of the endpoint, the individual who accidentally uploads malware or other forms of malware to their desktop or mobile device.

“We help our clients to maximize their technological investments through the integration of applications and heterogeneous company information systems, with the aim of optimizing technical and financial performance.”


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