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I am Check-in

Identity and Access Management is a system to register visitors that follows the regulatory standards of the management of security and company privacy. It’s incredibly simple, and in just a few steps, it allows you to register guests, employees and visitors in a fast and secure way.

Public Characteristics

• Interactive registration directly by the user without the need of     assistance;
• CHECK-IN registration procedure with photo acquisition and         acceptance of privacy policies with a signature;
• Fast CHECK-IN for visitors who are already registered;
• Personalized printed badge;
• Can be installed on any type of tablet: (IOS or Android);
• Sending of registration notifications via e-mail;
• Accelerated steps for CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT thanks to the     use of QR-codes;
• Personalized graphics for every company.

Admin area Characteristics

• Daily visits reports;
• Record of visits
• Statistics of monthly and annual visits;
• Visitor register;
• Export of data in XML compatible formats;
• ALERT function for an immediate notification to all visitors;
• Management of internal personnel.

Check-in Modules

1. Thermoscan

As soon as you get near the device, your temperature is taken automatically by a thermo-camera.

2. Check face mask

The software identifies the
presence of a mask. Failure to
do so will block the entry procedure.

3. Digital access

Verify the availability of access. If the number of accesses go over the pre-set maximum, the software will block the procedure and send a signal to wait.

4. QR-Code

After the confirmation of the first 3 steps, the software asks if you already have an ID QR-code. If yes, the procedure skips straight to step number 11 and prints your badge, otherwise the procedure continues.

5. Name

Insert name and surname in the box

6. Data

Insert your personal information in the box

7. Who do you have an       appointment with?

The software will ask you to indicate the name of your contact in the company. Your contact will receive an e-mail to inform them of your
arrival at the company.

8. COVID-19

Read the information and agree to the rules of access to the structure during COVID-19.

9. Privacy

Sign to agree to the Privacy policy and COVID-19 regulation.

10. Summary

Summary of Check-in information

11. Print

Printing of ID badge

12. Welcome

Check-in complete! 

Welcome to the company!



1. Insert name 

Insert name e surname to check out

2. Goodbye

Check-out complete!

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